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The low rating that I`ve given to this book doesn`t mean it`s in fact bad or even that I think it`s bad. It just reflects my personal impression and how I felt while reading it. I`m not even going to try to pretend that I`ve understood half of what was written. That would be an act of hypocrisy. Of course, a subject as deep and complex as Zen Buddhism is certainty not an easy one to grasp, at least not for me. If one wishes to understand it fairly well, a trip to Japan is inevitable. I did some previous research on the subject, of course, but that is still not enough. One has to immerse oneself completely into something like this to be able to understand it. I don`t have the will to do that. I only read this book out of curiosity, not because I believed I could possibly understand the logic or faith behind it just by reading it. I wouldn`t want to anyway. Something about all those "yes, but no", "self, but not self" and all the other contradictions mentioned puts me off.
It`s not that I didn`t like the subject, but I`ve read many different books that have explained even the deepest complexities of Zen Buddhism in a fairly simple way, whereas this book kept going in circles, jumping from one thing to the next without a bit of connection.

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