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What is peace?

Do we really want peace?

Why do we need peace?

Although these questions seem rhetorical or idiotic in their simplicity, a universal definition of peace with which to answer them does not actually exist.Peace is an easy word to bandy about, but it is difficult to pin down it¡¯s meaning. We need a definition of peace that addresses the needs of the whole world and in which everyone has an interest.What could be the reason for our failure to achieve peace when so many have clamored for it throughout the ages? Perhaps, in part, it is because we do not know exactly what peace is, or that what we think is peace, is not actually peace.

In this book Dr. Ilchi Lee wishes to speak of everything he knows, understands, and feels about peace. This is not an academic tome. He does not analyze peace by conventional academic methods. There have been many upon many academic studies done on peace already, with very little result in the actual production of peace.

Peaceology is not for experts, but for everyone who wants a peaceful world for humanity.Peaceology does not contain difficult concepts or theories.

Peaceology simply offers common sense ideas and actions for those of us who would prefer to live in a world of peace¡¦ an earth centered peace to restore health and beauty to humanity and the earth. Peaceology is a system centered not on one specific nation, religion, or cultural tradition¡¦ but on the Earth herself.

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