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Feature guest edited by Sawako Nakayasu, with translations by Sawako Nakayasu, Hiroaki Sato, and Eric Selland

Preface by Sawako Nakayasu
Chika Sagawa, Poems
Seiichi Niikuni, Three Poems
Chimako Tada, From A Woman of a Distant Land
Taeko Tomioka, Two Poems
Ayane Kawata, from Time of Sky
Sumiko Yagawa, Etcetera Ode
Takashi Hiraide, from For the Fighting Spirit of the Walnut
Masato Inagawa, from Seal
Ayane Kawata, from Castles in the Air – A Dream Journal
Hirata Toshiko, Four Poems
Hiromi Ito, Snow
Kyong-Mi Park, Weather Patterns


Africa Wayne, Three Poems
kari edwards, from having been blue for charity
Jennifer Scappettone, Beauty is the New Absurdity
Gustaf Sobin, Three Poems
Trey Sager, Two Plus Two Makes Data
E. Tracy Grinnell & Paul Foster Johnson, from Quadriga
Laynie Browne, from The Scented Fox
Drew Kunz, from A Lull of Margins
John Sakkis, from Quotidian
Dawn Michelle Baude, Two Poems
Roberto Harrison, from Counter Daemons – WYSIWYG
Sarah Rosenthal, Two Poems
Kate Colby, Pangaea Redivivus/Re[as]sembling Anastasia
Elizabeth Marie Young, Two Poems
Xue Di, Two Poems
John Keene, Three Poems
Chris Tysh, Viv’s vague à l’âme
David Pavelich, from Ash
Christine Hume, Static Portrait the Younger
Timothy Shea, Above
Jennifer K. Dick, Frequency
Gian Lombardo, A’s Tale
Susan Landers, The Suicides: Words & Blood
Chris Martin, Three Poems
Jill Magi, from Threads
Bill Marsh, Two Poems
Jeffrey Jullich, Throes
Michelle Noteboom, Two Poems
Scott Inguito, Three Poems
Ted Mathys, from The Figure
Mary Burger, Talking About the Universe as if It Existed
Laura Mullen, (Undersong) The Distance (This)


Christine Hume, The SonNets of William Shakespeare by Jen Bervin
Drew Kunz, in the process of writing-in arrangement: Laynie Browne’s Acts of Levitation
Eric Selland, The Landscape of Identity: Poetry and the Modern in Japan
Sarah Rosenthal, from Artifice and Accident: An Interview with Stephen Ratcliffe
Bill Marsh, An Aura of Occasion: The Poker, Submodern Fiction, and Antennae
Laynie Browne, Poetics of Impending Loss, A Tale
Chris Martin, Talking Dirty & Carried Away: kari edwards' iduna
Meadow Dibble-Dieng and Heidi Brevik, Beyond the Darkness: An Interview with Xue Di
Brian Strang, Returning to Our Lesser Instincts: Craig Watson's True News
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