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In a tainted land a hero shall rise.
Tagorin is no stranger to the harsh land of Aldure. What was once a kingdom of beauty and wonder is now nothing more than a cold, desolate land filled with corruption, a development that Tagorin exploits to his benefit. Raised into adulthood by a well-known collective of bandits, Tagorin understands that survival depends on getting ahead by any means necessary—even if that means taking the life of another.

Grand King Dedalus is determined to root out the festering murmurs of rebellion and civil war in his kingdom. Having defeated King Alexander on the field of battle and taken Aldure for his own, he dispatches his White Rider Order to grind the seeds of discontent under their boot heels as his ruling body, the Imperium, chase down rumors of the old guard known as the Sages of the Old Way.

When Tagorin joins the rebellion against Dedalus and a true heir to the throne is discovered, the currents of Aldure’s past and present collide with the force of thunder, putting the fate of Aldure in Tagorin’s hands.

An epic adventure that fuses Christian themes with fantasy elements to extraordinary effect, R A Benton’s debut is a fascinating exploration of sacrifice, salvation, and the power of one man to change the world.

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