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This book was amazing one of da best!!! Its about a girl who is like total love of skating (Lauren) and she is ALWAYS on the ice rink. Then when the world famous queen of skating and Lauren's #1 fan Eve Perry come for a visit and see Lauren accidently trip she gets humiliated. Lauren goes home and sees her family going all over the place " Where's Lutz" (Their pet cat) they say. Lauren realizes that she caused all of it 'cause she left the window open! They spent days looking for him that even Lauren's best friend, Rebecca trys to help. Anyway, on the ice rink they have a competition. Eve Perry's there. Lauren gets all neverous but ends up in third place. Her couch introduces her to Eve and Lauren gets all happy 'cause Eve asks her to let her private tutor her in her BEST skating club ever!!! Though, her parents have'nt decide yet she tells her friends, Annie, and Danielle. They all get happy for her....but did they? Danielle turns out to be jealous of Lauren, then Lauren getssick to her stomach. She tells Rebecca the news also and she can tell Rebecca is sad too.
Next day, she trys to reason with Danielle and make her NOT jealous but oh boy....she turned out to be more and more jealous. She tells Annie but Annie says this " I guess I'm jealous too". She's not that jealous but just wished that she got appreciated by Eve Perry. At their house, THEY FIND LUTZ.. YAY!! Some neighbors find him in their garage. Turns out Lutz was just in time for a family meeting. Their parents let Lauren go to that club with Eve Perry!! At her last day at Pine Creek, Erica comes and starts "bullying" Lauren. Danielle comes, stands up for Lauren, and BAM..they are friends they all hang out ( I think. Rebecca,Annie,Danielle)She wakes up early at around 6:00 I think and gets ready and enjoy her new life.

* Continues in next book staying balanced that I am reading now :) Totally recommend this to anyone!!

* Love you Michelle <3

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