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This year's Valentine's read of mine. I started last Friday (the V-day) as I was frantic to catch up the red fever that went on the whole day in the office and ended yesterday while resting after a day's weekend activities in a nearby mall. It was all worth the trouble (of trying to feel the love).

It is not hard not to dislike the book. In other words, it is easy to like the book. 100 poems of love and love being a universal feeling and love coming in various forms, you just feel an affinity to this book even if you are 19 or 90 years old. The hundred poems were also written by various (some I knew, some for the first time) Filipino poets. Then the span of time they are written is really expansive: from 1905 to 2003 (the book was first published in 2004) so it is really interesting to see how the Filipino ways of expressing love in words has changed although of course love, being a constant, is still the same no matter how many years or centuries have passed or will pass.

This year, I'll be turning 50 years old and there is just one and only love (eros, that is) in my heart and that is intended only for my wife. However, while reading the poems about lost love, I could not help but think and imagine those past lost love that I had with other women. Why is it that all (well, based on this book) great love poems are about lost - or about to be lost - love? For example, the one that I liked most here is Justine U. Camacho's Seven Years Later Driving Homeparticularly these lines: "If I had known that afternoon in August, I would have stayed rooted there. Watching you. Nineteen yet and dreamy. I felt the years deaden me, one by one. Nice lines that strike directly into my heart. Just because I had my first serious love when I was 19 and lost it six years after. Anyway, we can't help it when we read love poems, can we? Poems, as well as prose, bring back memories of happiness and sadness. Sadness, especially.

There are other poems here that are truly great. Some of them were written by my old-time favorite writers or familiar names like Jim Pascual Agustin, Jose Garcia Villa, Nick Joaquin, Edith L. Tiempo, Cirilo F. Bautista, Alred A. Yuson, NVM Gonzales, Marne L. Kilates, Emmanuel Lacaba, Allan Popa, Bino Realuyo, Jose Y. Dalisay, Eric T. Galimanda, Danton Remoto, R. Zamora Linmark and Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra. Yet, the one that I liked most was the one of Justine U. Camacho (who is she? I do not know). Ha-ha!

Anyway, if you want to catch up with the February love fever, go for this book. That is if you, of course, dig some poetry in your reading. Poems are easier to read because you can stand up in a corner in a mall while waiting for your companion, read one poem and then think about it while walking to your next destination. You just have to choose a companion who does not talk to much so you can ponder on the message of the poem or better yet, someone who also loves poetry so you can share those thoughts about love.

Belated Happy Valentine's day to all my Goodreads friends!

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