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Rubin seems to contradict himself throughout (pork is bad, but cow is all right?). His program consists of mostly vegetables and fruits, yet he bashes vegetarian diets and says they eventually fail a person, but ask Charlotte Gerson, who is 91 and has lived a vegetarian lifestyle for all of her life. Why hasn't it failed her yet? And Dean Ornish? And Caldwell and Rip Esselstyn? And John Robbins?

Rubin is a businessman, and a successful one, but he is not a doctor. I wouldn't doubt that he is taking payoffs from the dairy and meat industry, but if you dig around you'll find that he is actually the dairy and meat industry, as he now owns a stake in several companies. In 2004 he was also ordered to pay a fine and to stop making medical claims on his products. The program in this book depends on your willing to pay hundreds, and thousands of dollars over a long run, to buy his products he has manufactured. Rubin's diet also pushes you toward other long term problems: high cholesterol, heart disease, etc. He also tells lactose intolerant people to drink goat's milk, which is a disaster waiting to happen.

As far as people who had success with his diet, there are bits of generic advice that are going to help (most of which he took from other authors and their books). Fasting and juicing is obviously going to help anything. There are also a lot of silly ideas in the book like chicken feet and elimination benches. I think the joke is on us.

The bigger issue is that disorders like Chrohn's often go into remission on their own. I know several people who had it, continue to eat terrible while the disease still hasn't returned in 5, 10, or more years. If they had taken the products, they too would have been believers.

For a much more credible program see The Gerson Therapy, a book that will cure most diseases:

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