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This book is not a detailed, instructional "how to" book or a step by step guide of "what to do" in life. It is not a study guide nor is there any homework to do. It is a Story. My Story. A Life Story. You see, I believe the best way in this life we can find out "how to" or what "to do" is to hear other peoples Stories who have been there before us. However if the Story is to penetrate, be effective to the person hearing it, the Storyteller must do something uncommon in our day. The Storyteller must take a risk. He or she must be "authentic" in telling their Story. An authentic Storyteller must do one key his or her Heart with no "fig leaf" covering. The "fig leaf" must be removed completely so the Story can be real, personal in the deepest way. I mean, isn't that what we all want to hear? Don't you want to hear what it was really like for someone else when he or she was at the place "in life" you are at right now? What did they do? How did they survive the un-survivable? Tell me how! My Story is told with my Heart completely opened up and my "fig leaf" removed. Join me for about a two hour short read as I share my Story of Hope during a season of hardship, despair, depression. Let us begin. So, have you ever had anything "go wrong"? How about losing wealth? Or, losing health? Or, losing a job or business? Or, losing the love of someone very close? Divorce? Bankruptcy? Or, any other stuff "life throws at us" that causes despair and depression? Have you ever lost all hope? How did you deal with it? What did you do with it? Was God there? Or, where was God? Is there a God? Now, A Choice.... Life is about choices. Will you choose to find a quiet place for a couple of hours and continue to read my Story? It really is a Story of Hope and I can't wait to "Shout It From The Mountaintop" with you!

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