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Comprehensive, in the sense a lot of scope is covered and the two authors tried to be encompassing of historical scope and variety of martial systems in Japan, however, these authors seem poorly grounded in Japan's history and make a number of clear errors. Moreover, there are obscure fields such as tessenjutsu (Japanese iron battle fan technique)that need to be explained in greater context, as does the influence of religion and general feudal society in martial arts. You get a wealth of facts hither and a tither but without the proper context to bring it all together. It's what would happen if I myself were to write a survey of the history of, say, banking and finance: I'd be able to do the research probably because I know how to do research and how to appreciate historiography, but I would be hard pressed to tie it all together into an interesting and connected text. This just feels like an overwrought jumble of facts, and also, too few primary Japanese sources are consulted and referenced in contrast to a heavy use of more popular English-language sources.

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