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If you saw me on the street you would immediately know me due to my high profile life of being the Governor. I am a politician. I'm seated in church on Sundays. I am a man with an impeccable reputation.

But you and I both know—we all have vices. My vice is—and always will be—Talia. She is an addiction that is in my system and that addiction will go to the grave with me. I own her now. I pursued her with a vengeance and I now have a contract that states for the next year of her life she is my property.

My name is Talia and I am what some people term a hooker, whore, prostitute, escort, or lady of the evening. I do fine on my own. I don't need a knight in shining armor-until now.

He is dark, demanding, in control, dangerous, and powerful—He is the Governor and he is my knight in shining armor—or so he says... He now owns me. From the moment that he laid eyes on me he coveted me. He pursued me until he convinced me to sign a contract giving him ownership of me for a year. He can do anything that he chooses to me. I am his property—to do with as he sees fit and he is one sexually deviant—twisted individual.

This is our story. It is NOT a love story. It IS a dark erotic tale.

Warning: This is not romance. It is the story of two extremely
damaged people in a very dysfunctional relationship. Whether you would view their relationship as love, or not—I can't say. What I can say as the author, is that Anthony and Talia demanded a voice. They demanded that their story be told and I have been faithful in telling it. Their story is one of dark, twisted, and chaotic passion. I have remained true to them and for that I hold a special place in their heart, and they most definitely hold a sacred place in mine.

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