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What if the President of the United States of America wanted to dismantleour entire Nuclear Arsenal, and could do so without Congressional approval? What if the President thought he been giventhe right to act, because our Constitution states, the President is also theCommander in Chief of the United States Military. According to President George Wilcox, he had that authority, and intended to useit in 6 weeks, after the Camp David summit.
What if the both houses of Congress,including his own Party, the Military, and his Cabinet, along withthe Public, were all opposed to this plan, but had no Constitutional authority to prevent him from achieving his goal?
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Rush, believed he knew what the founding fathers had intended for situations exactly like this, but it was not written in the Constitution they had penned. After his swearing in, over twenty years ago, retiring Chief Justice William Pastor Jr., had a private meeting with him. “Sir, as the new Chief Justice, you havebeen giventhe ultimateresponsibility ofwatching overour Constitution. Since there is no written document, the origin of this organization I am about to tell you about is unverifiable,but I believe it was formed at the request of our founding fathers, and passed down to each succeeding Chief Justice.The founding fathers realized thata sitting President, though acting with the best of intentions, and within the scope of his authority, could propose an act so detrimental to the survival of the nation that it can not...... no,..... must not,be allowed to proceed.If all four of you agree, then it is your responsibility to “remove from office” the President of the United States in order to protecttheCountry, and the Constitution, you swore to uphold; God willing,may you never have to convene.”
They had met,each and every one of the “four” decided action must be taken to protect our nation frombeing militarily“castrated” by our President.
If the President's mind could not be changed at theCamp David Summit, he would be assassinated before returning tothe White House.

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