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In the novel, “The Lemon Meringue Dog” by Walt Morey,Chris who is part of the coast guard’s drug busting program and his search dog Mike, are sent to search a ship that has just come in for drugs. When they are searching the ship at first everything is going as planned until Mike, the search dog, smells a lemon meringue pie, tears the ship apart eating it, and misses the drugs that were an only a few feet away. Chris tried to explain saying, “you see Mike has a sweet tooth he smelled this pie and he likes lemon meringue” (pg 9). His explanation did not matter, and Chris was demoted back to the first level of the Coast Guard. Since Mike the dog messed up, he was going to be sold, so Chris decided to buy him. To pay for Mike, Chris had to get another job at the post office as security guard. One night, Mike was sniffing around and found a package of heroin in the mail and a few nights later he found another package of heroin. The people who were expecting the drugs soon found out that it was Mike who was finding the drugs and put out a hit on Mike. The men who were trying to kill Mike chased Mike and Chris into Bruno’s pastry shop. Chris thought he would be safe there since Bruno was his friend. However, it turned out Bruno was part of the drug gang and was going to kill Chris and Mike. Luckily Chris’s girlfriend saw him and Mike getting chased and called the coastguard, who then went to Bruno’s shop and arrested everyone. While everyone was getting arrested, Mike started barking and Chris went over to him and found hollow cakes filled with heroin. Since Chris and Mike did such a good job they were promoted to their original jobs with the Coast Guard. One major theme in this novel is that even the worst situation can turn out well if you persevere. For example, when Chris got demoted but then busted a drug gang, he received his old job back and went from feeling bad that he lost his job to feeling awesome that he busted the drug gang.
My favorite character in the novel is Chris because although he was demoted, he took on a new job to buy his Coast Guard dog Mike back. He said, “If Mike was going to be sold, then I had to try to buy him.” (pg 23). This action of being loyal to Mike also ended up playing a crucial role in Chris ultimately breaking up the drug gang.Another reason why I like Chris so much is because he is a mentally strong character. He does not complain and let setbacks stop him from achieving his goals. One thing that helped me identify with Chris is that I am a dog owner and really like dogs. Although it was probably not the author’s intention, this book will appeal to dog lovers.
Overall I really enjoyed the book. When I was reading this book, I never knew what might happen next so it always kept me on edge. I also enjoyed the humor throughout the book, and any dog owner can identify with situations where dogs do the unexpected, especially when there is food around. I would recommend this book to others if you are up for adventure or if you like dogs.

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