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A gate, behind it the man who said the true story is the history of desire, he came by throwing himself out the window of his home. Small and feinting in his eyes is a picture the silk of color, sick, and clouds run quiet in front with aching wretched chrome.

This was written (how?) by three people, two of which I can't stop reading and one of which I'd much like to read more from. Together they are remaking language to precision machines pumping weird ichors of their own devising. Constructing unearthly textual edifices whose disintegration is innate and perfect.

I'm not saying that everything here is essential, but the very inessentialness often has a visionary quality:
The gorge suck meated up the gum—
So it's skrunt litter had to bum up through the guts. I heard it gunted up the skunks, pumped pimples hungered.

A strange and precious chunk of word and image.

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