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Winner of the National Parenting Press Honors Award

Did you know?A baby's brain is 250 percent more active than that of an adult.The networking of the brain's synapses is nearly complete after the first three years of life.Giving your baby stimulating experiences encourages brain development that will prepare your baby for successful learning in the future.Visual stimulation enhances your baby's curiosity, attentiveness, and concentration.Your baby's best toy is you! Interact with your baby as much as possible.

Filled with developmental games based on the latest brain research, "Baby Smarts" helps you build your baby's brain power—one activity at a time!

"Baby Smarts" is divided into four chapters, each representing a three-month period. Each chapter begins with a chart that helps parents anticipate the typical developmental milestones for that age. The corresponding games and activities will develop and reinforce the skills needed to reach those milestones. Each activity in "Baby Smarts" uses common materials found in the home—there's no need for expensive toys or props. Roll a ball to your baby to develop her muscle coordination. Sing songs and talk to your baby to develop his language abilities. Create patterns with cereal boxes or blocks to develop her math skills. Every activity in "Baby Smarts" builds the foundation for future learning!

"Every activity in "Baby Smarts" builds the foundation for future learning.....This book is very well outlined and easy to follow. It has hundreds of ideas and an index in the back for easy reference....It's compact enough to throw in the diaper bag to give you ideas when you are in a waiting room trying to entertain your baby....This would also definitely make a great baby gift. "Babes and Kids Review

"It's a perfect gift for soon to be parents... "

..". a concise collection of how to support a baby's physical, intellectual and social-emotional development....It would make a good gift for first-time parents of newborns or young infants....It's small enough to fit in a purse or diaper bag, which makes it an easy cheat sheet when you are stuck waiting somewhere with a restless baby. "Grown In My Heart

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