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Klive King is a no-nonsense businessman with a charming streak and stunning looks to match, but when he leaves the office he becomes a notorious crime boss with a bad temper, showing little-to-no mercy for those that cross him. When Klive has a chance encounter with a young woman whose presence and humility spark an unforgettable healing property within his dark soul, his very foundations are shaken in the span of only a few minutes and thirty-two floors.

Kinsley James is not only unforgettable, she's smart, beautiful, talented, and mostly unaware of the affect she has on those around her. Drawn like opposing poles of a magnet, Klive cannot help being pulled toward Kinsley's northern compass and sweet morality, however leaving his southern depth of danger and deception means Kinsley's magnetism will have to be far stronger than his own, or else he may pull her into a world where both of their lives will be at stake.

In the introductory installment to the series, after his unforgettable encounter, Klive's desire to have Kinsley at whatever cost creates an unquenchable thirst. When he realizes he is not the only one seeking Kinsley’s heart, nor is he the only one harboring a dangerous obsession, Klive decides to put his murderous talent to good use in honor of a woman who has no clue she has earned his twisted fealty. However, as his insatiable thirst for her increases, so does his resentment as Kinsley’s sweet light also reveals a darkness that speaks to his own, drawing out the most dangerous and primal parts of his being that could prove deadly to the one he wants most.

Warning: This series contains material and language that may be offensive or disturbing to some readers, and is for mature audiences 18+.

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