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The SECOND book in the Eleanor Rushing series.

“Eleanor is as entertaining as ever.” -Publishers Weekly

“…The author hits her stride as her pampered, endearing, pain-in-the-butt heroine is forced to deal with the overwhelming circumstances [of Hurricane Katrina]." -Booklist


It’s been seven years, and Eleanor Rushing is still waiting for Maxim Walters, the love of her life, to leave his wife and move into her rambling mansion on St. Charles Avenue. But when she meets Dr. Richard Kimball—tall, dark, handsome, and a plastic surgeon—her life takes on a whole new direction. Smitten, she decides to go under his knife to alter her looks, and her life. But the summer of 2005 has other plans in store and Hurricane Katrina interrupts Eleanor’s transformation.

As the water rises, self-absorbed Eleanor, thinking only skin deep, floats on the surface of the disaster. She and her longtime housekeeper Naomi wade through the flooded streets of New Orleans, and wind up in Houston along with Dr. Kimball, who gives Eleanor more plastic surgery—with questionable results. Finally home in New Orleans, she finds Katrina has put a different face on things there too.

Because this is Patty Friedmann writing, there are a lot of laughs in delusions, mental illness, and outright ruination: Not so much because anyone finds it funny, as because Freidmann, who herself had to be rescued twice during Katrina and who in turn rescued cat named Nookie, can put a humorous spin on anything. Case in point: Who names a cat Nookie?

WHO WILL LIKE IT: Fans of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES, THE UNITED STATES OF TARA, Tennessee Williams, with his vast understanding of the (slightly insane) female psyche, and Ellen Gilchrist.

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