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by Carolyn Anderson

Marianne James, a senior woman, is victimized by a malicious doctor who has come down the
stream of time from Noah's day seeking power and wealth. He embeds a device in her brain
that propels her into the future, and she is in danger of passing into oblivion since each passage
takes five years from her physical age.
At first, she's bewildered. She doesn't know that because of her beauty and intelligence, she's been chosen to become the consort of an insane opportunist, and that he expects her to help him subjugate humanity. When she understands the goals of the doctor, she devises a plan to stop him and to save her life.
Marianne must have the services of a qualified surgeon who can adjust the insert, and she must contend with the evil doctor who would kill her to retrieve it. Her strategy centers on educating a bright, young Jewish boy, Jeff Goldman, as a surgeon who can adjust her insert. He falls in love with Marianne and later becomes her husband, and together they attempt to foil the doctor and salvage his insert to use for the young doctor.
With a little luck and a lot of perseverance, they succeed. Survival is now their goal as they travel down the stream of time, their journey interrupted by more harrowing adventures involving a nuclear holocast, an evil Nephilim, global catastrophes including a deadly asteroid, and terriforming a new planet on the other side of the Galaxy.

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