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A school where the bad are taught evil ways. A good boy who looked the part but had a heart of - well not gold - but at least copper. We have Serbin who is a normal kid in an evil world. He just wants to be a normal kid, but his evil parents have plans for him. They sabotage him and get a place secured for him in SFE (School for Evil). In this school, one can learn the fine art of murder, sabotage, manipulation, and believe it or not... band. Because all of the best villains have theme music and, apparently, Motley Crue is an evil band...

I thought this book sounded great from the synopsis, and the look inside feature hooked me on buying the book. But what I got when I dug in further disappointed me. There were idiosyncrasies in the book that, quite frankly, annoyed me. In the beginning, I understand the need for the author to stress the boy wore all black. But for starters, it was done way to often, and then I wasn't really sure why he felt the need to start putting the word black in parenthesis... like it was some sort of interjection or something. For instance, the author would say something like, "He put on his (black) coat and his (black) sneakers, then found his (black) jacket."

There are three other main issues that I had with the book.

The was the author really didn't seem to know who he was writing this book for. The opening paragraph made it come across as a middle grade book - which is great for me, I love quirky MG books. The narrator talked to the audience reminiscent of Lemony Snicket, sort of the, "Now boys and girls" vibe. We have sentences like, "You're a jerk. I can't believe I'm stupid friends with you again." Other kinda quirky, middle grade humor would be where the narrator said someone was vacuuming their clothes every night. Things like that. BUT mixed in all of that was talk of teaching the kids at the school how to murder, a long rambling speech about how history about President Garfield was changed, music references of Metallica, Motley Crue and bands no middle grader or even high schooler would probably recognize in this day and age. In addition to that, there was a reference made about Dick Chaney, and an invitation to a Satanic mass... Not sounding like a middle grade book anymore, is it?

The second was that the story plot really didn't even start until we were over halfway through the book when a surprise student shows up at the school. Around this time, I was getting ready to stop reading because I didn't see a point. We got loads of information on the classes, what student was trying to nuzzle up to Serbin for their own evil plots, and a love interest for Serbin, but outside of that - NO PLOT. Even when the plot line did start, it was really weak, and not very engaging.

The third issue I had with this book was the editing. Oh my. This thing is a hot mess when it comes to reading it. We had issues with punctuation, grammar, formatting, and mechanics all over the place. We had smart quotes; we had straight quotes. Missing quotation marks, double quotation marks, and floating quotation marks. Dialogue was not punctuated correctly, and a plethora of other issues. The mistakes drew me out of the story time and time again as I kept thinking, "oh, here's another one." If these had been corrected, it wouldn't have helped my overall star rating of the review, but I would have at least respected the author for hiring a proofreader. I know that all books will have their errors, but when you have up to ten on one page, it gets to be a little much.

What I did like was the original idea of the story, had it been executed properly, this really could have been quite an interesting take. I think he just went overboard trying to make it too evil. Had he made it a true MG book, and kept it quirky, funny and light (with some proper editing), this would have been a real winner.

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