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This antique "big little book" is a lot of fun. It tells the story of Eugene the Jeep - how he arrived as one of Popeye's strange gang, and also how Popeye discovered the Jeep's strange powers.

Segar certainly had an imagination. The Jeep is a 4th-dimensional creature. He can exist and move about in the normal 3-dimensional space in which Popeye lives, but the Jeep can also choose to move about in the 4th dimension. Not only does this make him invisible (during those moments), but it also enables him to see into the future.

The early conflict in the story revolves around a stranger's quest to steal the Jeep away. While this takes place early enough that Popeye has not yet discovered the Jeep's talent, Popeye is no less willing to let a stranger take advantage.

Of course, Wimpy uses the Jeep's ability to foresee the future in a scheme to get rich betting on horses. But the real drama begins when the Jeep predicts that Popeye will lose an upcoming boxing match. The Jeep is never wrong! What can this mean? Popeye will really lose? Segar draws the comedic effects out for full effect.(But I must admit I was a little disappointed by the ending, which I thought was a bit gimmicky...)

The storyline arc is a bit fluid, and certainly feels like a novelization of a newspaper strip, in which certain plot features ebb and flow, and specific gags crop up in clusters.But eminently readable and very enjoyable regardless.

Worth a look if you can find it. Likely only collectors will be able to afford the $25 to $50 (or more) that will be its likely selling price.

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