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Through Suffering, Heroes are Made.
Chaos rages across the northern kingdoms. Rogscroft has fallen, sacked by the combined might of the Wolfsreik and Goblin armies. Delranan is consumed with civil war as a small group of rebels seeks to overthrow Harnin One Eye and restore order. The war in both kingdoms continues to escalate. The Wolfsreik betrays King Badron, joining with the young King Aurec.
Amar Kit’han and the Dae’shan, agents of the dark gods, struggle to achieve their goal of releasing their masters back into Malweir. Their manipulations reach deep across the north. Dissatisfied with their results, the Dae’shan unleash a devastating plague on Delranan. Each death provides the anguish needed to activate the Olagath Stone and open the portal between dimensions.
Blinded to the rest of the world, Bahr and his group of reluctant heroes venture south into the Jungles of Brodein. Nestled deep in the jungle lies the mythical city of Trennaron and the Blud Hamr. Their battles continue to increase the closer they get to their goal. Exhausted, they finally reach Trennaron and are confronted with knowledge beyond any of their comprehension.
Armies gather. Brother turns on brother, and the struggle for the very soul of the world continues.

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