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Eleanor Heartney's recent foray into religion and art seems promising given the cover endorsements by Andrew Greely, a well known priest and expositor of Catholic culture, and Arthur Danto, the high priest of art world criticism and theory.Yet a careful reading of Greely's blurb shows he is only restating her thesis (i.e. "Heartney claims ...") and not a value judgment at all.This is telling.

The book isn't worth the time it takes to read. Either from the perspective of a curious Catholic or an art world culture vulture, the result is the same.Both the treatments of theology and art are inexcusably trite, incurious, and self-serving.The subject of the book is the tired controversies of the late 80's and early 90's over the works of Robert Mapplethorpe, Andres Serrano, et al.Only this treatment forgets entirely the heart of the issue —public funding of artwork that offends those who paid for it— and merely belittles the general Catholic response to these works as ignorant. Wasn't this hoity-toity platitude exhausted some fifteen years ago?Did she miss her turn mocking the plebs?Not enough current Catholic-baiting in Chelsea to entertain her, even the life-size chocolate Jesus exhibited at Easter (2005)?Word is Heartney has shopped this manuscript around for several years, which explains its dated subject, poor print quality, and frequent typographical errors.Save yourself the time and frustration by watching a George Carlin rant so you can at least be entertained.

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