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2039: World War III begins with the Chinese invasion of the American Midwest. In the third book of the Invasion America Series, bitter glacial cooling has brought the Earth to the brink of starvation, making U.S. soil the most valuable in the world.From Mexico, the Chinese-dominated Pan-Asian Alliance and the South American Federation smash across the Rio Grande. It is the greatest assault in history. With the Rockies on one side and the Mississippi River on the other, the Aggressors plan to race up the Great Plains to the Canadian border, obliterating the U.S. Army and splitting America in half.Meanwhile, German Dominion forces have massed in Cuba, ready to invade the East Coast.Vast armor sweeps, enemy wave assaults, the latest drones, lasers, ultra-modern tanks and jetpack commandos?America has to stop the enemy somewhere, sometime, or the nation will cease to exist. The most desperate hour in U.S. history has arrived.

"Invasion: Colorado" is a disturbing and controversial technothriller vast in scope, written by best-selling author Vaughn Heppner. To find the first book in the series, search for "Invasion: Alaska."

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