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Annabelle's sex drive is much higher than most other nineteen year old girls. When her handsome stepfather interrupts a sex session with her math tutor, she decides her daddy owes her a good orgasm and help with her math homework. Her stepfather, on the other hand, thinks it's about time he teaches his naughty step daughter some discipline with the back of his hand.

Warning: This blazing hot stepfather/daughter erotica contains 3,800 words and includes graphic vaginal sex, spanking, anal sex, pseudo-incest and light BDSM.

Excerpt from Daddy Does It Best:

I stood to meet him and crossed my own arms. "You're not my dad," I said, a petulant tone in my voice.

"Thank God for that," he said. "If you were my daughter, I'd bend you over my knee and spank you right here and now. I don't care how old you are."

His gruff words went straight to the needy place between my legs. I was still so turned on from before and it felt like the sex had only made me more desperate for relief. I'd never thought of my stepfather in a sexual way before, though I knew he was a good looking man. He was tall dark and handsome, just what any girl would want. I looked at him differently then and thought, perhaps, he looked at me differently, too.

"Maybe I need a spanking," I said, a smirk on my face.

John uncrossed his arms, his hands in fists. His face reddened deeper. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? What happened to the nice little Annabelle I met when you were sixteen?"

I smiled as sweetly as I could. "She got f*cked," I said simply. "Unless you're going to help me out with that, then I'd ask you to leave."

"You're disgusting," he said with a frown, but I caught a lustful look in his eye. "Bide by my rules and I won't tell your mother."

I didn't say a word and with that, he threw open the door and stormed out of my room. I watched him go, my pussy throbbing with each hard stomp he made on the stairs. I'd have to finish myself off, even if I knew it wouldn't satisfy me.

And I knew I'd think of my dear stepfather as I ground my pu**y into my sheets. I'd think of him bending me over his lap and doing more than just a little spanking.

I groaned. What was I getting myself into?

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