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Amara dreams of him. He terrifies her but deep within her, she feels the vibration of her desire.

When Amara inherited a farmhouse in Louisiana, she thought it would be nice to have a fresh start. Painfully shy, she had been sheltered after her parents died and not allowed much contact with people. She never knew her real family and grew up very much alone. She became a schoolteacher because it was easier for her to talk to children. She procured a position in the local school of her new home and began to settle in. That's when he came to her. Dark and dangerous, a being of both nightmares and fantasies, Nigel haunted her dreams.

While telling her only friend, Audrey, about the strange nightmares that had been plaguing her, Amara learned that legend had it that her new home was haunted and overrun with witches and vampires. Laughing off the old superstition, she ignored her friend's warning. Yet, whenever she looked at the old barn on her property - where the vampires supposedly lived, she felt drawn to it. Feeling overpowered by the gravitational pull of it one stormy night, Amara learns that Nigel - that vampires - are very real indeed.

Letting go of any inhibition she ever had, she becomes his and feels more pleasure than she has ever known. Not as desirous, she finds herself in the middle of a war between Hunters and vampires. The truth unfolds before her and Amara is forced to deal with the fact that her parents were Hunters - she was born a Hunter. A Hunter who now was in love with a vampire. As Nigel confesses more of his past, Amara learns the truth behind her parent's death and Nigel's part in it and she must make a decision, become what her family was born and breed to kill, or destroy the one she loves for the sake of her family that she never knew.

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