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This is the textbook for those who are building Compensated Communities through the LIFE Business; however, it is just as much a book on philosophy as it is a book about business.

What is that philosophy?

I'm glad you asked.The philosophy of The LIFE Business is centered on building relationships.This cannot be accomplished with a set of skills or techniques.Pride, dishonesty, and self-centeredness destroy it.Rather, it is a philosophy of character development and servant leadership.It is focused on progress and purpose.

The specific steps to building the business are powerful, and LIFE is experiencing incredible growth.My average reader isn't yet part of this community, so my review will focus on a few of the character development principles taught in this book.

One of the most powerful lessons taught in this book and modeled by leaders in our community is to expect and see only the best in people.

"Any fool can find fault; it takes somebody special to find greatness.In order to build a big business, it becomes absolutely necessary that we see the good in other people."

"Your people need to see their victory in your eyes."

"We need to make sure that those involved... need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have a person or group of people that believe in them and expect the best they have to give."

The thing is, the lesson to see the best in people needs to start with oneself.In a world that constantly beats us down and teaches us that we aren't attractive enough, smart enough, or capable enough to be great, it is essential that we remember that we are all sons and daughters of a loving God.Created in His image, we are all great in His eyes and have great purpose.

Empowering individuals to believe in themselves, educate themselves, and act on what they learn is the modus operandi of the LIFE Business.We build communities of people breaking free of mediocrity and restoring a culture of self education through voracious reading.We invite individuals to commit to be their best, and we hold each other accountable to progressing toward that greatness - never forcing expectations on anyone, but always willing to lend a hand up when they're ready.

I can't pass up the opportunity to share this opportunity with others, because I've seen it generate significant personal victories for every single member of my team that chooses to participate.

I loved this book.It taught me to be more effective at improving lives.

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