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I have read several of J.I. Packers books previously and in each case enjoyed and found much to be gleaned from his works in the past.This book starts off looking largely at how the Anglican church got to where they are today and I was struck at how their story sounds so familiar to many other denominations and churches that claim no denominational affiliation.I really liked the manner in which he laid out their issues, failures, challenges and successes. After looking at those I would say he really picked up steam for me ending in what I will recommend as two extremely important chapters, Baptism and the Lord's supper respectively.I found myself nodding in agreement and taking stock of his comments as I read these final two chapters and can say in my opinion he definitely ended on a high note.

It is a pretty quick read and I would say I learned several things I had not heard before which will lead me to further investigation.One particular point I was struck by was a comment on the early church practice of waiting for 3 years of catechesis prior to being baptized and a week long wearing of white in honor of the occasion. Having transitioned from a non-denominational immersion only style of baptism of adults to an acceptance and endorsement of covenantal infant baptism in a covenant family through pouring I have a strong interest in understanding how we got where we are today in all the Baptismal traditions.Packers discussion was both historically informative and more importantly biblically based as he referenced the significance of the sacrament, or ordinance, of baptism.

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