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BIRDSONG OF THE PENATEKA is an unlikely love story between two members of opposing Comanche tribes. It is a must read for fans of the award-winning: Book 1 of The Arkansas Valley Series, titled: TOWARD A NEW BEGINNING. It continues the exploits of the beautiful Comanche woman, Birdsong, after her successful returning of the children to their White Eye families in the wagon train.
Shortly after embarking on her return trip to the Penateka village, where she is eager to begin her new life as the woman of her beloved Running Antelope, Birdsong is taken captive by the Arapaho after she blunders into the path of their hunt for the mighty buffalo. She is then held with the intent of selling her to another plains tribe. But her gift as a 'healing one' earns her her freedom and she becomes entangled in a harrowing adventure that begins soon after she is reunited with Running Antelope and three Comanche braves who had set out to find and rescue her.
When the three well-intentioned Comanche braves are taken prisoner by Crooked Face and his ruthless band of renegade Utes, things quickly become complicated for Running Antelope and Birdsong, shortly after they set out to free their friends.
Along the way, they recruit the help of a collection of unlikely individuals, each of whom has his own reasons for wanting to see Crooked Face dead.
The story is filled with love, hate, vengeance, ruthlessness and persistence on the part of a mixed band of Indians.
The ensuing trek into the harsh and unforgiving lands of the Llano Estacado, of western Texas and eastern New Mexico, is one of hardship and tenacity. It is a journey that pits each against the others, and all against the Utes as well as the Lipan and the Mescalero Apaches.

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