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I just realized that I put a book about weeds (aka "wayside herbs") under "gardening"!Isn't that a hoot!?

I love that this old-timey book pulls together information from much older books on traditional uses for common plants.Some I have in my yard and neighborhood.Many I've seen referenced in herbals, but had no idea what they looked like.

The following will be a long and boring list, so don't feel obliged to keep reading!lol

I learned that spurge is a family of plants whose sap is irritating, even burns in some plants.It's that succulent that threatens to take over the gravel in my parking strip.I think I"ll keep it under better control, as it really doesn't serve any medicinal purpose.

Horsetail is simply cool-looking and I discovered it for the first time last year.

I would like to identify coltsfoot because it's so good for coughs, but I dont' think I've seen it yet.

I had no idea that mustard and broccoli were in the same family.The seeds from a plant called charlock can be used like mustard, and the greens eaten as well.

Chickweed seems of interest:edible, topical anti-inflammatory, and chickens love to eat it!

I am officially more confused about the various chamomiles than before.There's false chamomile, Pineapple weed, sweet false chamomile (aka German), Roman chamomile (aka bitter, hence more medicinal), and something called stinking dog chamomile, which is poisonous.Argh!

I always thought that cranesbill looked like geraniums, and that's because they are wild geraniums.:)

*St John's Wort is useful externally for cuts and bruises.

Mallow is that tenacious, almost impossible to pull weed in my yard with pretty pink flowers.Surprised to learn that it's in the same family as okra and cotton.!?And that the fruits are edible; some call them little cheeses.

Wintergreen comes from Teaberry, and it not even remotely related to Mints.

Heal-All sounds interesting (Prunella vilgaris).Mint family.

*Plantain is one I've been trying to find.It's supposed to be so plentiful as to be found in every neighborhood, but I can't figure out what I'm looking for.Good for bruises, stings and other owies.

*Jewelweed's name is enough to intrigue.Sap can be used to treat stinging nettle and poison ivy, which often grows nearby.

Motherwort is another of the Mint family.

*I've got a huge mullein plant in the back yard.It must be its second year (it's a biannual) because the flower stalk is starting to bolt.It's huge.I am not sure how to go about harvesting, but it's good for lungs and coughs.

Catnip, we've got.The cats love, love, love to eat a handful of leaves; makes a nice tea for humans, too.

I've wondered if purslane is worth trying as a green (high in iron).

*Yarrow we've got.

Silverweed sounds beautiful.

Shepherd's purse, and similarly peppergrass, I'm pretty sure we have in the front lawn....

Tansy looks like yarrow in plant, leaf and flower head shape, but the flowers are more like buttons.I'd like to grow it.

Red clover, of course.

Pokeweed is another herb I had never heard of until seeing it on my herbalist friend's shelf.Many of its parts are poisonous.!And it grows to 10 feet, so it's no ordinary weed.;)

*Elderberry, of course.

Burdock is related to the other "docks," including *yellow dock.Never knew that.The seeds are burrs, hence "bur"dock.Many herbal uses.

Did *you* know that a drink similar to pink lemonade can be made from the berries of staghorn sumac?

Jerusalem artichoke is a sunflower with a edible tuber!

Sarsaparilla is one tincture I've been giving my daughter, and it's related to ginseng.Who knew.

Old man's beard is a lichen that grows on trees.Otherwise known as Usnea, which helped me through an infection I had a few years back.

*(also featured in the game Wildcraft, a cooperative herb-learning board game.)

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