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This is my favorite of steves books. its hilarious and playful. or rebellious. or something. but more than anything else its very exciting writing. i don't know how to put my finger on it exactly but sitting down to write or read this type of writing is like forcing together "who cares!?! ;)I'm gonna puke this stuff out" but also caring to an absurd degree. ("PLAYFUL YET SURPRISINGLY PROFOUND") when he refuses to be sincere his sincerity feels most evident. its fun to just talk semi knowingly about something and not second guess it. don't edit or reread your reviews! wow! thats not how a review normaly goes!!!!!! suddenly for no reason a dead clown with horse utters falls smack dab spankin in the middle of the review!! what?!!!!? what is that?! are those uters.... speaking??? listen to those things...
"hehe" *squish squish* "hehe hehe"
wow... u say
"those things are speaking and like
that's pretty freakin weird lol"
then u look up at the mirror in the ceiling
and ur flippin keanu reeves... nice lol
do cows even have utters u utter (hehe)
chekin out ur sweet keanu face :)
but then ur reflection look pissed and
pulls out a freakin bazooka and shoots u in the face!!!
holy cow!!!

the end

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