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I read this book based on a recommendation from Steve Leveen, and I had not read the "Checks & Balances" column in The Wall Street Journal on which it is based. I was very impressed with the intelligence, insight, and honesty the author demonstrated in spotlighting and analyzing a year of complex family financial dynamics. Her observations and conclusions are both entertaining (often humorous) and informative, and I wish I'd read something like this in the first five years of my marriage. Even though I've been married forty years, Ms. Rosman provided me with more than one "Aha" and many head nods of feelings and experiences I recognized. Her perspective from a family with both she and her husband in professional careers makes it even more useful for younger couples in the same situation.

Some of her noteworthy comments:

"Money matters in a relationship, in ways that are fairly obvious—and others that are less so...Most important, though, money has an uncanny ability to poke at fissures in a coupling because it represents a poser dynamic, a shifting of resources from one to another in exchange for something of perceived value."

"In every marriage, there are things we do for the ledger. And then there are things we do for love."

Since money issues can lead to tension and argument, the reflections naturally moved into relationship issues broader than just those involving money:

" whole idea of a fight-free relationship as a sign of marital strength is ridiculous...I'm smart enough to know there is no avoiding the annoyance itself: We're married for crying out loud! I'm also smart enough to know that the little hurst, left unaddressed, can turn into big resentments that become impossible to bypass and difficulty to overcome. Where is the success in that?"

So, so true...

I particularly enjoyed her reflections on the role of technology and how our time spent looking at computers and cell phones can potentially erode the quality of personal communication between people who care for each other, especially inside a family. She does not advocate doing away with technology but merely encourages us to be aware of our usage when we're around others.

As a strong advocate of writing personal handwritten notes, I appreciated that Ms. Rosman is also a proponent of "letters written longhand and sent in the mail."

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