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The door closed behind No. 6. He was inside a typical hospital room. A small locker, a chair, a set of curtain screens and a wall wash-basin were all the items of furniture present, except for a single, functional-looking bed. The patient was lying within the latter, her dark hair spreading across the provided pillows. The woman raised both eyelids, focusing upon her male visitor. Across the centre of her forehead was a dark bruise. Her left cheek bore a large grazed area and partially healed cuts appeared around the mouth. Her lips parted to speak, but no sound was audible. No. 6 moved closer to the top of the bed, recognising the woman's features.

The patient swallowed, blinking with the effort. No. 6 reacted by pouring some water into a plastic glass from a carafe he had lifted from the woman's bedside cabinet. He handed the receptacle to her, watching the injured mouth sipping the offered drink. The glass was lowered and a successful attempt at speech was made, albeit whispered.

'I never expected to see you,' the occupant of the bed said with obvious difficulty.

'It's a small world,' replied No. 6, with a reassuring smile.

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