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I was looking forward to this book, but it was really disappointing. The problem was that the author set her sights too low. The point—that homeschooled kids aren't just a bunch of hermits, and that socialization can happen without school—was pretty easy to establish, and then after that was done the author just kept running around in circles. There were lots of laundry lists, some as long as most of a full page, enumerating all the things a homeschooled child could do other than sit at home. There was a "trying too hard" chapter on multiculturalism and "exposing your child to diversity." (Sounds like something for the "Things White People Like" blog.) Over and over again we're reassured that homeschoolers won't just be adequately prepared for "real life," they will be more prepared for "real life" than kids who go to school, because homeschooling is more like "real life" and thus "real life" will be a piece of cake for homeschoolers. This repetitive overcompensation really started to grate after not too long, as did the repeated assurances that homeschooled kids could have lots and lots of friends and lots and lots of activities. I had figured out on my own that I could enroll my kids in music classes and join youth groups; I was hoping this book would tell me something a little less obvious. It did not. When she got to the chapter on being "cool" she lost me entirely. "Cool" is not something to aspire to, it's a marketing trick nicked off the 1960s counterculture. I just wanted to say "grow up already!" It's not bad to be serious, to be adult, and to not be "cool."

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