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It is official, each book in this series gets better and better.I just loved this book.I do not know how I got so lucky as to get an ARC for this book, but I am so glad I did.I am not sure I even know where to begin.This book had so much awesomeness.I am definitely buying this book once it is available in a bound book.Yes, I got an e copy arc for free and I loved it enough that I am going to pay for a copy.I loved it that much.

Here are some of the many things that had me loving this book:

*This book starts exactly where the other book ended.I did not need to read three chapters of repetitiveness to get to what I really wanted to know.I read the other books, I do not need them all recapped for me to enjoy the next one.

*I enjoyed watching the character of Chloe becoming a member of their family.I always wanted more for her and was glad to see her get it.She is quickly becoming on of my favorites.

*I remember when I first learned about Elizabeth (the actual person whom the character Elizabeth is based on) and thinking that she was either evil, crazy, or a strange combination of both.Having her be the central "bad guy" in this novel was fascinating.The blending of fact and fiction was intriguing and at times, down right scary.

*Nana.She may be an older character, but you would never know it by her attitude and strength.Nana is simply a joy to read about.

*Gladys is not afraid to show the darkness of man.So many books that have para elements in them focus on good vs evil where the evil is supernatural or influenced by the supernatural.I enjoy that, but Gladys is not afraid to show the darkness that man can sometimes have.There was a scene that takes place in Cassie's old house that made me shudder.I am so glad she is not afraid to go there.

*This book ends in a good spot. The main story arc of the book is complete and I felt satisfied even though I know there is more story to be told.I am very interested in where things will go from here.

This was really an amazing book.I think it is her best so far.Could you read this without having read the first two books?Probably.It would be a much better experience, however, if you have read the first two books.This is not a book for younger readers due to content. It can be very dark and potentially scary at time.

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