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Alien worlds have always been a central excitement in science fiction. Imaginary landscapes, some surreal, others realistic, are highly important to the novels in which they are contained. Many of these worlds are carefully contructed, realistically detailed and vividly imagined.

Alien Landscapes explores ten of the best-known worlds with a detailed text explaining their history and politics, climate, geography, flora and fauna and their location in the Galaxy. All are brilliantly visualised in 30 original paintings, specially commissioned from ten of the best sf and fantasy illustrators.

See in full color the spectacular worlds of Arthur C. Clarke's Rama; Anne McCaffrey's Pern; the Okie Cities of James Blish; Hal Clement's Mesklin; Harry Harrison's Eros; the Arrakis of Frank Herbert's Dune; Larry Niven's Ringworld; Trantor from Asimov's Foundation Trilogy; Brian Aldiss's Hothouse and the End of the World of H.G. Wells. These illustrations give an inspired reality to life and times "out there" from the full planetary view right down to the details of landscapes and society.


Rama by Jim Burns
Pern by Roger and Linda Garland
Okie Cities by John Harris
Mesklin by Tony Roberts
Eros by Colin Hay
Arrakis by Terry Oakes
Ringworld by Stuart Hughes
Trantor by Angus McKie
Hothouse by Bob Fowke
End of the World by Les Edwards

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