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Release date 02.05.1998
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Caught in the crossfire . . .

While investigating a multimillion-dollar armed robbery, and several apparently unconnected murders, the mismatched FBI team of sharp-tongued feminist Ashley Sutton, and her boss, chauvinistic and proud Eli Tanner, unintentionally walks into the kill zone of a deadly conflict between two formidable opponents.

Sometime earlier, drug kingpin Carlos Mendez had ambushed and killed almost an entire Navy SEAL platoon off the coast of Honduras. Now asquad of former U.S. special-operations soldiers wants him to pay for his sins—in money and blood. But Mendez has political pull, a private army, a deadly arsenal, and a fortress compound in Miami. And he knows something neither the FBI nor the former spec-ops troopers do. . . .

The odds don't look good for either group of good guys.

From the backwoods of Georgia to the opulent crime palaces of Miami, DUTY BOUND propels Special Agents Sutton and Tanner on a wild, edge-of-the-seat ride through hot lead and cold blood.

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