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Rise Up and Walk is a book about what medicine has done for us! Medicine is a practical science that we have created in our own image to liberate ourselves from ill health. It is an expression of love and our desire to be healthy. It is an art of love to humanity. Medicine has won many battles against superstition, dogma, disease and ignorance. Health workers are heroes who are of great service to the survival of the human race.
A year without medicine is a fascinating chapter that explores what would happen to us if we could not access medical care for a year.
Does medicine really save us? Why do we take bitter and smelly pills? Why do we pay for surgery even though it is risky? What would be our life span without health education and medical intervention? Has medicine won the battle against disease and what is it doing about the onslaught of super-bugs?
This book is the second volume of the series “what Curiosity has done for us”. It was written in genuine appreciation of the cumulative effect of the elegance of curiosity in medicine. Health education, health warnings, pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment, appropriate therapy and the right diagnosis give hope when all other options have failed.Medicine gave my father a second chance when all the prayers failed.When ‘heaven’ was silent, medicine ‘commanded’ my father to ‘Rise Up and Walk’. He fully recovered.Where would he be without medical intervention? Not only my father, but also millions of people’s ‘prayers’ have been answered by modern medicine. Atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and other people have greatly benefited from achievements in medicine. Even priests run to hospitals when ‘heaven is silent’. Should shamans get the credit for the eradication of smallpox? Medicine saves lives 24/7.
Vaccines protect us from polio, tuberculosis, yellow fever and from many other vicious diseases. Early cancer screening services prevent cancer from spreading to other parts of the body. Inhalers give a second chance to people with respiratory conditions like asthma, cystic fibrosis and asbestosis. Strong painkillers alleviate excruciating pain in people living with chronic illnesses. Insulin injections are paramount to the survival of diabetic people.Surgery is a necessary evil that saves lives of people suffering from organ failures, internal bleeding and tumors. Anesthesia keeps us from feeling pain during surgery when the scalpel tears through skin, organs and tissues.Life supporting machines keep patients, in critical conditions, alive. Resuscitating machines help to start a heart that has stopped beating. The pacemaker keeps the heartbeat at an appropriate rate. Patients with gangrene are amputated and prosthetic limbs give them a second chance to Rise Up and Walk. Antihistamines save lives of allergic people. Through medicine, mental illness becomes manageable.
Medicine unconditionally saves billions of lives, including yours. The right skills, the right equipment, the right tests, the right diagnoses, the right prescriptions, fortitude and the right attitude are the alchemy of medicine.

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