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Professor Ileto's master thesis. Some people say it's even better than Pasyon and Revolution. It's certainly much easier to read.
It is a very interesting account of the life of a local Muslim leader in Mindanao, the last region of the Philippines to be colonised. The geopolitics of the era is very interesting and much more complex than I expected - the way border or areas of influence are gradually 'negotiated' by forming alliances, accumulating slaves, building forts etc. Spain first tried to get a foothold in the region through an alliance with a sultan they thought was in charge of Mindanao. Later they found out that this wasn't really enough and they had to expand their network of alliances, troop deployment and establishment of ports to undermine non-Spanish trade at least as much as support Spanish trade.
Prof Ileto shows how Datu Utto was not the cruel pirate the Spanish portrayed him to be, and how he consolidated and expanded his power despite his centre of power being located inland, not in a port city. From this book you can get an understanding not only of the career of this remarkable leader and his struggle with the Spanish, but also of the geopolitics and trade of the region in general.

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