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Granted, it's been a REALLY long time since I last read this book, but I recall it with such fondness that I gave it four stars.When I was a kid this was one of my favorites.

Here's what I recall of the plot, without spoilers:

Kit Fox is a Native American girl growing up in a Plains nation — I believe it's the Blackfoot nation, but I can't remember with 100% accuracy.She lives during the time when horses are not much more than rumors to her people; but during a raid on enemies, some men of her tribe capture a horse and bring it home.

Kit Fox discovers she has an affinity with the horse, and begins taming it with the intention to ride it, although as a female she is strongly discouraged from doing something so manly.Sideline dramas occur, involving her good friend Found Arrow falling into trouble, and her sister Many Deer ending up married to an abusive husband.It's the kind of family-and-friend drama that makes the modern YA genre so popular with readers of all ages now, although this book was written before YA became a marketing category.

In the climactic scene, Kit Fox must finally accept her destiny and ride the horse to save her people from invasion...but what consequences will she face for defying custom and taking on the role of a man?

I recall it as a well-paced, engaging book with memorable characters and scenes.I would love to read it again as an adult and see whether I still feel as much fondness for it as I did as a horse-crazy girl.I suspect I will; past experience has taught me that books that manage to stick specific scenes in my head years and years after I've read them were well-written, not crummy.

I can definitely recommend this book to horse-crazy girls of all ages, and to fans of YA looking to branch out from the usual modern offerings.

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