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Once again, a volume with confusion, mixed signals, and sad.

I find it hilarious that the royal moms agree to push them into a night together to try and help the marriage. The funny thing is, both Shin and Chae Kyung would have loved to be together, but the fact that they each believe the other didn't want that completely stopped them. There's Shin, pulling Chae Kyung into his lap and kissing her, and what does she do? She slaps him. Girl, you are dying for this boy to like you. Even if he is kissing you for some ulterior benefit, why wouldn't you just enjoy the ride? But no.

And then, of course, you have Yul popping up to destroy the mood in every situation. When he hugs Chae Kyung, not only did it upset Shin, but it made him think Chae Kyung preferred Yul's touch to his own. And then Yul actually tells Chae Kyung that he loves her, and wants her to get an annulment so that they can eventually get married. If Shin knew about that conversation, he would do more than punch Yul. Thankfully, Chae Kyung responds with an honest, "WTH? That's not going to happen." On the other hand, Yul was able to get back into her good graces pretty quickly by sneaking her out to see her sick Grandpa (who is, incidentally, one of the main changes between the manhwa and the drama so far).

Chae Kyung is spot on with what she tells Shin at one point, and it's heartbreaking to hear because it rings so true: "Does the royal family begin their education at birth? Is that when you learn to hurt people deep down in their souls? Do they reach you how to damage someone's pride? All you royals are the same. You, Daebi-mama, and Yul, all of you are so cruel."

While it's true Shin can be cruel at times, I do feel bad for him. He's super confused because he does have unexpected feelings for Chae Kyung, and he isn't sure how to go about getting her. And then, he sees how natural she is with Yul, which makes him justifiably paranoid and even more angry, but towards the wrong person. What Shin really needs to do is cut off ties completely with Hyo Rin, and sit down Chae Kyung and explain to her that he does like her, will chose her over any other girl, and wants to be with her. Instead, we are left with the cliffhanger of the revenge kiss on the cheek in front of the press and, more targetedly, Yul. Sigh.

Also of note: Chae Kyung's little brother tracks down Hyo Rin to get her to back off his sister's man. What happened with that?

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