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This is about philosophy of science and spirituality, and the quest for a new paradigm to reconcile them.It touches on several common errors and fallacies in this quest, most of which the author admits he's committed in the past.One is the confusion between the eye of flesh, eye of reason, and eye of contemplation, and that using one of these eyes for the wrong thing constitutes a "category error."Another is the pre/trans fallacy, which both science and religion commit in opposite ways, in confusing the lowest and highest levels of development with each other.

The author talks of objective reality, as distinct from subjective and intersubjective.The "eye of flesh" implies objectivity, but this eye is worthless without a brain to find meaning from these images—in other words, the eye of reason, the realm of intersubjectivity.His models are mostly developmental, identifying stages of development, implying, of course, that the higher stages are better than the lower stages.All of this leaves out values—in particular, the values of the author himself, which have gone into shaping these models.He obviously values spirituality over science, for example, because he lists it as a higher stage of development, but people with different values would likely create different models.In other words, it's subjective or intersubjective.

He's a big fan of Freud, whose theories have already been debunked at great length.He still finds value in them, and explains ways that Freud has been misunderstood, or was, in fact, wrong.I was completely unpersuaded, and found his obsession with Freud annoying.

I also didn't like the writing.The author loves his acronyms, and he never misses a chance to make up new words, making his writing very hard and slow to read, and makes everything he says sound more sophisticated than it really is.However, there were several times the author articulates something very well, and I'm frustrated that he can't write like that all the time.

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