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To create a better future for yourself, you must believe that you deserve one. HEALTHY WOMEN ROCK, co-authored by the mother-and-son team of Madeline and Terahshea McCray, is a guide for your own transformation - you will learn how to change your thoughts, change your body, change your finances and create a healthy life. Terahshea's expert advice will help you achieve your optimal fitness and weight loss goals. Madeline's guidance will inspire you to understand that the life you want to live is already yours.


Madeline McCray has captured the very essence of SELF & TRUTH and SELF & HEALING! Her honest, powerful, and compassionate voice comes vibrantly alive and right off the written page. HEALTHY WOMEN ROCK is empowering and transformational ~ a win-win for everyone. - Shelley Grodner Seidenstein, Executive Producer
“The Presumption of Guilt: Race, Class and Crime in America”


Simply put, HEALTHY WOMEN ROCK is solution-driven. Madeline’s raw honest approach compels you to stop hiding behind a mask—to own your truth. Terahshea McCray is a thorough, sensitive and superbly knowledgeable personal trainer and nutritionist. Readers will connect with his advice and appreciate his witty delivery.
-Terrie M. Williams, author of Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting, The Personal Touch: What You Really Need To Succeed In Today’s Fast Paced Business World

In HEALTHY WOMEN ROCK, Madeline McCray has poured her considerable intelligence, optimism, playfulness and deep wisdom into a book at once readable and vitally important for women.
- Ron Powers, Pulitzer Prize winner, author of Mark Twain: A Life and True Compass, a collaboration with the late
Senator Edward Kennedy

Terahshea will get you to your goal. He will motivate you, guide you, and teach
you how to become the best that you can be. TJ is the real deal.
— Dr. Patrina Konnick

Author Madeline McCray and Contributor, Terahshea McCray are real people and consummate life coaches. In the first part of Healthy Women Rock, Madeline shares and teaches in a comfortable conversational style that makes the reader feel as if she's sitting right beside you in the comfort of your favorite setting. Reaching beyond the printed page, she touches the heart and sensibilities in a way that makes one feel safe to open, explore, share, and seriously commit to personal growth. I love her enthusiasm and passion for women's empowerment. In the second half of Healthy Women Rock, Madeline introduces us to Terahshea, who gave me an entirely new outlook on healthy eating, exercise, weight loss and maintenance. His expertise appealed to me deeply because his approach to teaching healthy living is based on the individual (not a group) journey. Healthy Women Rock is one book that you'll want to purchase several copies of to share with your sister-friends, daughters and other women who want to live holistically. I would also recommend it for book clubs, reading circles, and women embarking on a journey of healing.
-Linda Jenkins

“Healthy Women Rock” is a sensitively and gingerly crafted book for ANY person interested in investing in themselves. It was a HEALING experience for me in several areas. The concept of sending “pink slips” to things that have held you captive and learning to retrain your mind towards the positive resonated so strongly in my spirit. This book helps rid us all of the societal-induced shame, that in some way, we are all broken vessels and works in progress. “Healthy Women Rock” clearly exemplifies the idea that you cannot embrace who you are until you acknowledge where you’ve been.

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