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I’m Lisa Clark, advocate of awesome and creatrix of SASSYology – the deliciousness that occurs when women discover, align and combine their sassy super-powers to become the mistress of their destiny, the creatrix of their story and do life, on their terms – yee-hah. I’m an author girl. I am book obsess-o. I write them, and I read them. LOTS of them. I smell their pages. Shhh, I do own a kindle, but I don’t like saying it out loud.

I’m a tattoo-splashed, burlesque-lovin’, belly-dancin’, 1940s stylin’ rockabilly princess who writes make-life-better words for love AND money. I drink a lot of green tea. Oh, and pink champagne although not together, that would be all kinds of wrong. I kiss my hot viking beau who I’m going to marry next year – swit swoo. I believe in love and pretty, pretty shoes. I’m rarely seen without hot pink lipstick, I have an amazing ability to accessorise and I’m crazy-passionate about cheerleading lady-kind to become badass, embrace their awesomeness and become mistress of their destiny, and their wardrobe too, obv.

That’s quite the title isn’t it? And because it’s one I’ve created myself, I also get to decide that such a title entitles me to wear a tiara with my pink leopard-print PJs, because, well…that’s how I roll, ‘k?

Other job titles I have are:
•Author of the Lola Love series of self-esteem books for teen girls
•Author of over 15 write-to-brief books and annuals
•Agony aunt for Mizz magazine
•Freelance journ-o girl for girls’ and women titles in the UK and US
•Book-writing, story-telling and badass-ery coach
•Copywriter – for publishers and businesses in the UK and Europe
•Editor – of both magazines and books specifically teen and self-development titles
•Youth brand consultant for businesses and charities

I also have a fabulous ability to accessorise. Sadly, I do not get paid for this.

SASSYology? This is my thing. My raison de etre. Now, I’m no guru, but I have discovered my powers o’ SASS and with a li’l practice, a lot of work and a substantial sprinkle o’ magick, I have become a creatrix o’ awesome, mistress o’ my destiny and author of my own really rather fabulous story.

I’ve manifested a beautiful, seriously HAWT Viking beau, money, work I LOVE, better health, gorgeous people who help keep my energy vibin’ at a super-high frequency, roadtrips and endless adventures – and, well… it seems all kinds o’ rude and wrong to keep stuff like that to yourself, which is why I want to provide girl-kind with everything you need to become the author o’ YOUR story and start living your very own charmed life, right now.

I am obsessed with truth – both mine and yours – and how sharing it will set us free. I understand the power of words; that if we change our words, we can change our lives. I’m on a mission to discover the words and the stories that are keeping me (and you) stuck and transforming them into stories that heal and propel me (and you) towards awesomeness. I dig deep, find the truths and the stories in my soul that need to be told.

I am a writer. I am a truth-sayer, a soul-whisperer, a seeker. I am a deep thinker, an illuminator and a dreamer. I am an encourager, an inspirer, a word-crafter.

I am a storyteller.

I believe in magick, endless possibilities and that dreams can come true. You should too.

(Taken from Lisa's lovely site, Sassyology. Go check it out!)

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