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Hope deferred: a sickness of heart when all has gone wrong. When reality trumps expectation Coming to the realization that we have become the evil we once vowed to conquer. Finding our feet have trailed us too far from home, leaving us lost in the unknown.

It is then we stumble away from the light, and fall into shadow.

Months ago, Elijah left home and set out on his journey. On the way, there have been triumphs, and there have been losses. Joy and sorrow. Survival and death. Determined to retrieve all six pieces of armor needed to vanquish Plague and save the Kingdom of Abel, he had not once doubted the path he had taken... until now.

The losses over the last seven days refuse to let him carry on. Even still, there are three articles left needed to complete the armor. There is a world to travel, and a quest not yet fulfilled. But at the moment, Elijah has lost sight of hope, and has been left to aimlessly drown in the depths of his despair.

Amidst Elijah's darkest hours, will he find the will to keep his eyes fixed on the road ahead, and retrieve the remaining three pieces, or will he succumb to shadow, leaving the Kingdom of Abel to be doomed? He is their only hope. If he is without hope, then so are they.

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