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This book was terrible, which is really a shame because I liked the first two.

The heroine, Allegra, is being stalked. Her secret love, Finn, is threatened by the stalker so at first she gets rid of Finn to save him. He turns out to love her too and they briefly get together until Finn walks in on Allegra hugging and kissing (on the cheek) a man not wearing a shirt. The man turns out to be her best friend and the couple reconcile. Allegra is snatched by her stalker and then rescued. She and Finn have their HEA.

The plot holes in this book were huge:

1) The heroine knows that Finn is jealous of her best friend, but she doesn't explain her relationship with him so that Finn can feel better. The best friend, Nate, has a secret, but there's a lot Allegra could have said without exposing it.

2) The stalker sends Allegra several gifts. She assumes they're from Finn and despite a lot of talk about being raised to have strict Southern manners, she never thanks Finn for anything. She asks Finn if he likes each gift as she wears it and he says the same thing my husband does - "you look beautiful in everything". Since Allegra never says thank you Finn never has the opportunity to tell her he didn't buy the present. The truth isn't discovered until after Allegra is abducted.

3) Allegra sets her home security alarm code to an important date in her life. No one, not the FBI nor the police detective nor the private security agency tell her to change her code to a random set of numbers. Her assailant has no trouble running through the dates until on the fourth try he finds the right one.

4) A camera is never set up in Allegra's home. My husband set up a camera to watch the neighbor's cat come in and eat our cat food. He was able to watch from his iPhone. This was really cheap yet not even the private security agency sets one up. If they had, they would have caught the bad guy in the first few chapters.

Other annoying things:
- Finn recalls giving a woman an orgasm just by whispering in her ear. Really?
- The stalker is somehow able to hold Allegra's arms to her sides as well as a knife to her neck. This means he has one hand on each side of her and a third on the knife.
- Allegra's family ask if she's going to marry Finn from before they get together and continue until the end of the book. These are supposed to be very nice people yet they continually make her feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.
- Child psychology works. What are these people, eight? "No, I won't do that". "You're too afraid to do that". "I'll show you I'm not afraid. I want to do that".
- The romantic scenes were so over the top that there was no way I could buy into them.

The next book is about a Big Mis so I won't be continuing the series. It's a shame because the first two were fun.

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