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This is great. It's Natsume Soseki's "Botchan" mixed with the sad bits of the film "It's a Wonderful Life". There's no happy ending.

Natsume wrote around his own experiences, Tayama was an acquaintance of Kobayashi Shuzo (Hayashi Seizo in the novel) and was passed this young man's diaries after his death. He then used them to write "Country Teacher".

From the introduction:
"Unfortunately the diaries themselves appear to be no longer extant, having been used to repair sliding doors during the Second World War."

"Like a lot of young men in the countryside he was extremely fond of literature, and subscribed to just about every magazine worthy of the name."

"'You know, it's not necessarily a good thing for a young man just to shut himself away reading. Isn't it a fact that this is what leads to nervous debility, and to suicide like the recent one at Kegon Falls?'"

"In the countryside, where money was precious, more than anything else it was these debts that destroyed people's trust in him."

"'Yes, I had a picture postcard from him recently, from Chinchou.'
The priest took from his desk a postcard with Military Mail stamped on it in red, and showed it to Seizo. The picture was by a well-known artist who had similarly gone to war, and it showed purple irises blooming next to a corpse."

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