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The basic premise, that you should feed your baby homemade baby food made from organic fruits/grains/vegetables is sound enough. The tips and directions for preparing said fruits and vegetables for baby consumption are also helpful. However, the author clearly has absolutely no qualifications, and is simply writing this overly preachy, at times bordering on ridiculous tome based on her own experiences. Aside from many typos and flat-out mistakes (like putting the registered trademark sign next to saccharin, which is a chemical compound, not a brand name), some of the advice is way over-the-top: "Remember to keep your facial expression pleasant when you are changing your baby's diaper. He will notice any look of disgust on your face, which may teach him that his private parts are repulsive and lead him to believe that sex is "dirty" when he gets older." Wow, that is quite the pop psychology leap. I also remain completely unconvinced by her one paragraph explanation of why you should feed your baby a vegetarian diet, which just includes the usual five environmental/animal welfare/"healthier life" reasons, without anything specifically included for developing babies/toddlers. She highly recommends tofu to be introduced as early as 8-9 months (which is when most babies meet meat). I completely disagree, just based on the fact that I doubt soy's high estrogen content is all that great in large quantities for tiny people, but I'm not going to go write a book about it, since I have zero qualifications to say so. In any case, good reference for fruit/veggie/grain prep and many fun recipe ideas for toddler meals, if you can ignore the alarmist ridiculousness.

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