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It's not fair of me to put in a review because I only made it to page 12, but I noticed several things that grated, and have decided this book is not for me. First of all, Bannington and Darlington are far too similar. We meet Darlington - or was it Bannington - in the prologue, but we never know his first name.Then in Ch 1, when the lovely damsel is crawling into the man's bed, first of all, how does she know which room is his? Second, who in the world is Chris? And who is Waverly? I checked the back blurb and discovered, oh yes, Waverly was Bannington's - or was it Darlington's - title. As for Chris, we have to read on to figure out who he is.

As far as the writing goes, her editor should have cleaned up some duplications. It starts with a young man getting out of the carriage and is "at once" assaulted by icy March winds. He gets into the house half a page later and is "at once" blinded by candlelight.

I'm probably being too picky, but when I don't know who is who and I'm only on page 12, it doesn't bode well for the rest of the book.

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