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There are those who believe the universe to be nearly empty of life, with countless billions of stars orbited by planets that are little more than barren husks spinning silently through the cosmos. They believe our world, a small blue marble named Earth, to be unique in its proliferation of life, a lone cradle in the vast emptiness of space.

The truth, though, is quite the opposite. Life teems throughout the galaxy, in forms and varieties unthinkable by man. It flies over Jovian storms, runs across frozen tundra lit by the distant light of binary suns, and swims through sulfuric acid oceans. Life can even be found on comets and asteroids as they sail through the black. Some say that is how life might have begun on Earth, the seeds of our creation carried from another world. Such ideas could lead one to wonder – if life already exists on Earth, and new life is brought to it, what might happen then? Would they live in peace? Or, instead, might the new attempt to destroy the old to make way for its own evolution?

Some questions should not be asked out of terror for their answers…

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