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The Wacky Winter on Wiggly Way introduces readers to the concepts of fear, loss and doubt through the eyes of Stuart, a storyteller in need of a winter home. Stuart embarks on a journey of self-discovery and inspires others in the house whom are seeking redemption. Follow Stuart and his new friends as they learn about self-esteem and reliance as they are confronted by Piggly Wiggly, the angry landlord and his efforts to prevent the friends from sharing happiness at One Wiggly Way. Stuart is guided by his confident and storytelling partner, Henry the Magical Mouse, who challenges Stuart to follow his dream of writing down his stories. He quickly befriends Isabelle, the broken heartened-librarian and her cat Annie, who dares to ask Isabelle the forbidden question "Is she afraid to love again?" Let's not forget Ophelia, the former opera star who is too terrified to sing again and trying to find her inner beauty. Join them is this uplifting story as they decide to share the holidays together and dare to break the rules. With no place else to live, the trio can stay at the boarding house as long as they abide by the rules of "No Noise, No Pets and No Guests." These arbitrary rules are enforced by Piggly Wiggly as a means for fulfill his need for order and control. The new housemates become friends and defy the rules despite Piggly Wiggly's intrusive ways. They explore their own barriers and find strength from one another developing an intimate bond. As their friendships evolve, so does Piggly Wiggly's need to keep a perceived sense of order in his house. Once the tenants start to face their fears and the friendships blossom, Piggly Wiggly's efforts hasten-adding more rules to his chalkboard. He soon becomes consumed with his monstrous brick wall. As the friendships in the house grow-so does the wall around them. Piggly Wiggly responds by frantically building his brick wall bigger and bigger until he finally tosses in anything he can find from the house-furniture, a swing, a typewriter, a boat and even a mannequin. His need for order becomes compromised as weight of his tyranny weakens the wall.The wall is an important metaphor in the story as it manifiests the symbolic obstacle between happiness and loneliness. As the wall grows and the rules are strictly enforced, there is doubt that the tenants will find the inner-strength to overcome their self-imposed limitations. Until a young boy arrives. Early in the book, Arthur is chased away by Piggly Wiggly on Halloween night and vows never to return. Before he leaves, Isabelle gives Arthur a Tootsie Roll that represents love and instructs him to save it for a special time. The Tootsie Roll becomes a symbol of hope and crucial element in the story's ending. Just before Thanksgiving, Arthur finds the courage to visit One Wiggly Way again. Arthur seems to arrive at the most opportune time throughout this tale and his presence unites the trio of Stuart, Isabelle and Ophelia as they need the purity of a child. Although Arthur does not live at the boarding house, he sees life simply. He lives outside of the wall and provides the tenants clarity with emotional honesty and innocence. Arthur's visits provides the call to action. Meanwhile, Piggly Wiggly is embittered from a broken heart, tries to prevents the friendships and joy at One Wiggly Way with his wall and rules. Will Piggly Wiggly succeed with his crazy wall and rules keeping love from One Wiggly Way or will one of residents find the courage to stand up to him? Find out what happens. The Wacky Winter on Wiggly Way is accompanied by outstanding illustrations that visually bring the characters to life and access to a wonderful folk-song by Jeff Conlon, who was inspired to write the song after reading the book, titled "One Wiggly Way" that stirs the heart. Join us in this journey in the first story in a series of books as Stuart and his friends that introduce middle readers to some of the adversities of young adulthood.

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