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Genre: Contemporary Domestic Discipline

Daisy is very successful at work. At home, however, she has trouble remembering to follow the rules.

Reece loves his wife and wants to guide her to better behavior. When spanking doesn't get the point across, he declares a day of Underwear Probation for Daisy.

Daisy learns that getting through the day without underwear isn't nearly as hard as learning to trust.

"Maybe we need to up the ante a little bit so that your attention doesn't wander."

Alarm thundered through Daisy. "Up the ante?"

"Ah, my pet," Reece slanted his eyes at his wife. "Tomorrow you will be on underwear


"No underwear."

"No, Reece, please."

"You said yourself that if you'd been paying attention, you would have behaved better. I want the feel of your clothes on your bare ass to remind you all day long that I expect you to live up to my expectations of you and to behave like a lady."

Daisy grabbed the edge of the dresser and bent herself over. "Just go ahead and spank me now. You can even use a spatula or wooden spoon. Just get it over with."

The sly smile that crossed Reece's face made Daisy's stomach do strange things. "Oh no," he said. "I'm starting to like this idea."

Note: This book is for adults only. It contains spankings between an adult man and woman as well as sexual content. If such activities offend you, please do not buy this book.

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